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My name is Sherry and I I have battled breast cancer for 16 yrs now. I have been under hospital supervision and all through radiations and different chemotherapies. I’m stage 4 for 4 yrs now and had good results combining my own holistic approach for 3 yrs. then my income dropped dramatically Cos of my age and I ran out of money. The past 8 months I was not able to do much of my holistic approach which had improved my prognosis several times in the past three years. I just had all my scans done and it metastasis in other areas. I beg of u to help me be able to get back on my holistic approach because I know it helped me feel better and actually killed the cancer cells and would love to prove this to the University of Michigan since they have used me as an example with my approval of course, to help future cancer patients. For all people battling this audacious disease.  I’m thanking u in advance for any help U can do to provide any amount u possibly can in this fight for not just me but for many others. God bless u and all who r battling anything in the world. Also I may add that I am a World advocate for ANIMAL ABUSE for many years even though I haven been able to donate I still reach out and fight for their cause as well. We r their voice. Always remember that. GOD BLESS