Save the Potcakes Bahamas

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I am launching this campaign for the potcakes in Freeport Bahamas at The Humane Society of  Grand Bahamas.
Hurricane Dorian is moving in as a strong Cat 4.
It is expected to be one of the biggest storms to ever hit an island that has barely recovered from Hurricane Matthew. The first threat of winds doesn’t compare to the minimum 15′ tidal surge expected to hit the shelter.  There will be very few places to survive.
Tip Burrows, the Executive Director of the humane society and her team have prepared in every way possible, but now we need to prepare for their recovery efforts.
H.A.L.O. , through our incredible builder Robert Lucas , has secured planes to fly in when safe to bring supplies to the island, bring in volunteers to give extra hands, and bring dogs and cats out to shelters.
The Humane Society of Grand Bahamas has a donor willing to match donations, no limit given!
Donations will be used for flight, for supplies, to fund the emergency operations of The Humane Society and to get animals out.
Let’s use this time of gratitude that this storm has shifted to not be a direct impact on us, to provide aid to the people and animals that will weather the storm. We are their hero!
I will keep everyone posted and it would mean the world to me to have your support saving the lives of all homeless pets.